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Get Fit Fast! Making the Most of Your Gym Time

You do not need to spend a lot of time in the gym to get in shape-it’s true! In fact, about twenty minutes is the maximum amount of time to achieve the results you want. The key is to be smart with your exercises and incorporate nutrition into the regimen. Choose three exercises to do regularly that target your area of most concern.

For example, if you wish to have thinner thighs, than select three exercises off the internet for thighs (pilates has some awesome ones), do each to exhaustion and then repeat three more times. This is the key to selective weight loss. We all have those areas that are prone to weight gain designed for us by our parents, otherwise known as genetic weight gain. If weight loss is your goal, it is not as beneficial to spend an hour in the gym doing just Precor or cycling if you don’t supplement it with targeted exercises.   

There is very little effective weight loss when you do full body cardiovascular exercises. While cycling and running are great for heart health, it will not target those specific genetic areas. There are several genetic weight loss areas most people tend to target: stomach, thighs, butt and arms. Years ago, CBS did a study on genetic weight loss  with a set of identical twins who trained  on separate regimes.  The study proved it to be more effective to lose weight at only about seven minutes a day in the gym doing targeted exercises. One woman was put on a cardio machine for an hour a day. The other woman did a seven minute miracle workout that targeted areas she wanted to see weight loss: thighs, hips and stomach. The results were miraculous. The latter lost several inches while the former lost almost nothing off her targeted area. 

The second part of the weight loss exercise program is to NOT EAT FOR FORTY-FIVE MINUTES AFTER YOU EXERCISE. This is very important. When you do eat, choose a balanced, low calorie meal. What happens is that the area you just burned with the three exercises done to exhaustion will continue to actively burn calories for the next forty-five minutes. Then, follow up with one-third protein, one- third carbohydrate, and one-third vegetables/fruit serving. Try a fruit salad and a tuna fish sandwich-it’s a great combination. For the rest of the day, eat two balanced meals and two snacks. For example, one ounce of cheese and ten crackers  is a sensible snack.  It makes losing weight so much easier. Spend your time wisely in the gym and use your energy to do more enjoyable exercises like shopping for that new bikini!

Tonja Little is a Fitness Trainer and Yoga and Health guru at The Spa and Wellness Center at Stowe Mountain Lodge

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