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FITNESS FLASH - You Are What you Eat

We all have health and fitness issues that we’d like to improve on. In addition to yoga and a dedicated workout regime, my solution has been to change my diet like many people do when they want to see a change in their body. For me, it’s been to choose foods that have purpose in helping the body heal and improve in various ways.

Chicken liver is an iron rich food that has all of the essential vitamins and minerals one needs, including emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  My problem is I am high strung, restless and slightly anxious that propels me through my fitness rounds like a change nurse with a hundred beds. But this can also hinder me in other ways, like many people with anxiety or high-stress lives.  Just like many health issues, it is a constant battle that requires discipline.

In the past, I have often felt nauseous or unsettled from eating certain foods, and discovered that I have sensitivities to gluten, which I have now added a few supplements to support.  One I found to be of immense help is Sea Buckthorn oil. Now, I have a better appetite and can eat larger quantities of food while also burning calories. Sea buckthorn oil seems to coat and soothe the stomach and seals in stomach juices, and my hair and nails also look healthier and shinier, not as dull and brittle as before. I also added a Jarrow formula acidophilus which helps the gastrointestinal tract absorb nutrients from the food. These two supplements turn the body into a high powered vacuum for nutrients.

Chicken Liver and any iron rich foods are also important for muscle gain. I recently read in a nutritional almanac that chicken liver was like taking an expensive multivitamin. I would recommend an organic chicken liver. It is the chicken’s filter for the blood and removes toxins and helps to balance the hormones. Organic means no artificial hormones in the chicken and hopefully a rich diet, not just corn. I would recommend eating a lot of spinach, lean beef, bison and organ meats. The Native Americans believed that eating the healthy organs of animals imparted the same health benefits to its consumer.

I also recommend eating whole milk, although raw milk is the best. It strengthens the blood. In Chinese Medicine, building the blood is essential to good health. Whole milk is higher in fat and protein and often fortified with vitamin D, an essential vitamin for healthy bones.

As I feel more balanced emotionally from the diet I am committed to, I feel less anxious followed by a strong desire to use my energy more efficiently. I also teach and practice yoga regularly. Yoga helps to balance not just emotions but hormones as well. For me, healthy hormones mean a more balanced and content brain, less anxiety and more calm.

We are all out of balance and many of us can benefit from the above regimen. Awareness and commitment are key. If you are aware of a health problem and apply some common sense to it, you may be able to use a simple diet and exercise regimen to escape any future problems. I wish you the best of health and wellness in your day, Namaste…

 Tonja Little is a Fitness Trainer and a Yoga and Health guru at The Spa and Wellness Center at Stowe Mountain Lodge

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