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Every Day is Earth Day at Stowe Mountain Lodge

Join Stowe Mountain Lodge in making a difference on Earth Day and create environmentally friendly habits at home!

With Earth Day coming up on Saturday, we are once again are reminded how we can make a difference in taking care of our planet and local environment.  Community events are organized all over to clean up neighborhoods and towns but greening up can start at home and be an everyday occurrence.  Here are a few simple things to get a green routine going in your home or office:

  • Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit at least once a month.
  • Wrap your water heater in an insulated blanket.
  • When using an oven, minimize door opening while it is in use; it reduces oven temperature by 25° - 30°F every time you open the door.
  • Clean the lint filter in your dryer after every use; a dirty lint filter reduces appliance efficiency so that it uses more energy.
  • Unplug seldom-used appliances like blenders, DVD players, etc., especially appliances that use a remote control.
  • Plant trees to shade your home.
  • Learn about alternatives to household cleaning items; choose cleaners that do not contain hazardous chemicals (e.g., use a vinegar/water solution to clean windows, rather than a chemical window cleaner).
  • Use cedar chips or aromatic herbs instead of mothballs.
  • Use reusable containers to store food instead of aluminum foil and cling wrap.
  • Shop with a canvas bag instead of using paper and plastic bags. Most markets and grocers have inexpensive reusable bags for sale at the checkouts.
  • Use real cups, plates and utensils rather than paper and plastic.
  • Purchase recycled paper products, like copy paper, napkins, toilet paper, and paper bathroom and kitchen towels.
  • Save the boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials that come with items you’ve ordered and reuse them to send things out from your office; it not only saves landfill space, it saves you money.
  • Take actions that use non-hazardous components (e.g., to ward off pests, plant marigolds in a garden instead of using pesticide).
  • Put leaves in a compost heap instead of burning them or throwing them away. Yard debris too large for your compost bin should be taken to a yard-debris recycler.
  • Leave grass clippings on the yard; they decompose and return nutrients to the soil.
  • Use refillable water bottles in lieu of buying bottled water.
  • Walk or ride your bike instead of driving, whenever possible.
  • Check and fix any water leaks.
  • Don’t wash dishes with the water running continuously. If using a dishwasher, wash only full loads.
  • Install a low-flow shower head.
  • Don’t cut your lawn too short; by keeping it longer, it needs less water because it shades the ground underneath it.
  • Set up a rain barrel for watering plants. It lowers your water bill and reduces run-off and erosion.

To find out more about the green efforts here at Stowe Mountain Lodge and our Destination Earth program, click here.

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